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Server Status 10/19/14

Zynloe Co-Owner posted Oct 19, 14
Hello, this has been a very long and tedious process of getting the server back up and I want to thank you all for you patience. As of right now we are working on switching our server hosts and getting all of our files over to that one. Our server should be online by the end of the month, we are all very sorry for this inconvenience, and have a nice day.

-TCS Staff Team
CraftCameron Guest It's sad to see what this server has become :(
zebramasonoo Guest Can u opean the server?
ryanjawesome Crafter Ok it's almost half way through November and still no server

Server Status

Zynloe Co-Owner posted Oct 11, 14
Hello, as most of you are aware of is that our server has been down now for almost a week. Unfortunately we wont be up for awhile due to us being sort One Hundred Dollars on our recent server bill. We are not sure if we can bring this server back up, we ask you to please stay patient and have a good day.

-TCS Staff Team
Beezbo76 Crafter *haawwww shoooooo hawww shooo* totally snoring
zebramasonoo Guest Why can't the server be hosted off your pc?
FUDGE_BUNGLER Crafter I really love this server, and if it isn't up soon i will cry. You don't want me to cry do you? :/

Modern Build Off Results!

Zynloe Co-Owner posted Sep 21, 14
Hello and first off I want to thank everyone involved in this weekend's build-off such a success, from the builder's to the judge's, thank's. 

The Result's are in!

1st Place: logiepoop & eliaslevy1234 - 763/900
2nd Place: Oliver29119 - 714/900
3rd Place: JoNy_K - 690/900

And the rest of the score's in order:
ethancarrot - 673/900
Paddlezapper - 637/900
rushhour67699 - 554/900
Enzime7 - 529/900
Zachh356 - 466/900
JamesJefferson - 456/900
NintendoMaster01 - 356/900
FluffyNinjaLOL - 238/900
XTheGoldenOneX - 159/900

Congradulation's to the winner's and I hope everyone enjoyed this week's build off, information will be provided soon about next week's special build off!

Thanks,  -Zynloe
Paddlezapper Advanced Craft wasn't fair with me either, he gave me a 23 on interior because he didn't like the bathroom.
JoNy_K Advanced+ Where do I see the scores?
FluffyNinjaLOL Crafter 238 :-:
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