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Hello everyone! I am here to inform you about the upcoming build-off.

The style is anything you would like to do! Either Traditional, Modern, Fantasy, anything that you think you are good at to show off your building skills!

No matter what your style, it will be judged equally and fairly.

You will be entered with another player, to make a team of two. You can make the teams by yourselves on the signs at: /warp BuildOff
The time/date:
The commence/start of the buildoff will be  next Saturday 12:00 am PST - 8:00 am GMT - (if you would like to know your time, message me/mail me.). You will have a little bit more than 24 hours to complete your masterpiece. The judging/ending time will be Sunday 1:00 pm PST.

The prizes:
Prizes may be subject to change due to amount of members in the buildoff.

1st: Free + of their rank

2nd: 1000 credits in the shop.

3rd: 500 credits in the shop.

These prizes may change, due to the amounts of players in the contest. For example; 3 pairs of members, may make the prizes not as major. This influences you guys to join! However, if there are 6+ pairs of members, then these prizes will remain the same.

Special thanks to Oliver29119.

TCS Staff
wjcd1996 Crafter+ Unfortunately I cannot participate :/ I would have loved to make a Medieval/Fantasy plot. Good luck guys!

The Final Post

User posted Fri at 16:44
"It's so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.” 
― John SteinbeckThe Winter of Our Discontent

The Big Announcement

User posted Fri at 16:24
Hello Crafters,  The Crafter's Society is a unique place.. and member satisfaction is our number one priority to this day!  Today I am excited to announce that the server is having a ton of changes to it.  First of all I am very pleased to announce that we will be having a hub added which was built by a team of highly skilled builders, we also have a Grand Theft Auto, Drug, and Survival Server being added.  There is going to be tons of changes including layouts and setups of the entire server.  The functionality is being altered and Guests will be treated with a nice new Plot system. The website has been renovated and is now using every custom ability possible with Enjin.  These new things will be added roughly throughout the rest of the year and should be finished by the new year.  They won't be added by me though...  This post isn't just an announcement post, it's a resignation post as well.  I am very sad to say that my time in life has flashed by and that I must leave the Minecraft and video game community.  I love all of you guys for sticking in there during the bad times and staying strong, life is short, more short for others but I am glad I got to spend the last year and a half of my life playing with you guys.  Some people may have been ignorant at times but I don't blame them, we all have those times in our lives.  I couldn't thank you guys more for making me happy and making me feel accomplished with the server, that is all I ever wanted.  Thank You.  My final announcement is that I am not shutting the server down but I'm giving it to my staff team, you will see their ranks when the time comes.  Once again Thank You for making the last years of my life so fulfilling.

No Questions Will Be Answered

For the last time..
Yours Truly,

ryanjawesome Crafter <3 I saw your videos, I enjoyed them, thats how i joined the server and it is very sad to see you go,D: but I will st ...
Khaled__Q8 Advanced+ We Will Miss you best owner <3 you made this community as epic as it looks now , tcs will still love you , we all wil ...
Byrdboy1 Crafter I'll miss ya, man. Thanks for making TCS great. <3
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