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New Shop

N00Banism Owner posted Fri at 16:57
Our new shop has been opened!  Every rank has its own personal shop.  You must buy points with hard currency to redeem for ranks, perks, and  upgrades.  Every one-hundred points costs one dollar and every one-thousand points costs ten dollars. You can also earn points by voting instead of purchasing them.  Every vote is ten points so you can earn up to thirty points a day.

Enjoy the new shop system and have a minecraft day!

TCS Staff


N00Banism Owner posted Aug 10, 14
We have recently promoted someone to our staff team, this is because he was one of the most dedicated players that this server has ever seen.  I do admit it was sudden and unfair to some people, I do apologize for that.  The things he has done would make you too believe his dedication and probably his promotion, so give him a chance and ask some of us about the things he has done, thank you.

On another note, I have looked at all of your replies on suggestions and I have taken them all down.  They are saved and have been removed off of the forums, staff will review them personally now.

TCS Staff

Rank Updates

Player1998Kelly Admin posted Aug 3, 14
Hey guys! as most of you noticed we updated our ranking system. What we have done is removed the rank "Journeyman" and added some perks to the other ranks. We changed the name of "Tourist" to "Guest," and the name of "Craftsman" to "Crafter." Of course we also updated the colors for all of the ranks! Down below are the new rank colors.


TCS Staff
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Vote on ALL of the voting websites for a "Voter" tag, which will last for one day. After every vote you will receive ten points.

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