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Yup..."It was all my fault."

jackson87 Owner posted Sun at 11:13
Hey guys, how's it going? 

First of all, yes it is I, your most hated ex-minecraft player, jackson87.

Citrus' post was cute. Very, very cute;

Hell Jackson, if you're reading this then I hope you've realized what you've done to this community. Me and N00B put our trust in you, and we hoped that you would help make this server a better place. I'm ashamed of you.

Ashamed of me? WHAT IN THE HELL DID I DO?

N00Banism, your trustworthy friend, decided to NOT SEND ME THE SERVER'S MONEY. This meant that we had...let's say about 0$ in our server funds. Yay!

Oh yeah, and our cost for the server payment...330$. Do the math.

As a matter of fact, I remember N00B telling me that he is going to keep some of the money for himself. This was during the Skype call that he told me I was going to become the new Owner of TCS.

So, to end off this post, I would like to say that you guys, are in fact, sadly mistaken. I am not the bad guy. Nobody was/is, really. 

I even told the people that are mostly effected by this, why we can't pay it. Which, is exactly what I just told you guys in this post.

As for TCS, it will never come back unless one of the old staff win the lottery or something. And making servers to replace won't help.

So my final words are - 

"It was a good long run."

Billybramble Crafter I strongly believe if you, Jackson, had communicated more then the server would be still up and running. I haven't been ...
Citrus__ AdminCrafter I don't have so much of a problem as that you didn't have funds, but the fact that you didn't turn to the community at a ...
VortexMaster_ Crafter You could have just asked me.... I could have paid it off for you. I did tell you this jackson. You need to start listen ...


Citrus__ AdminCrafter posted Dec 22, 14
Hello everyone,

I recently was given Admin access so I could make this post. I will tell you the cold hard truth about what has happened to this server. 

TCS is dead, it will never come back.

Rumors have been going around that it's coming back up, well its not. There may be a new server that tries to imitate the old TCS, but The Crafter's Society itself will never be what it was in the past.

Right before I quit this server in August, I put my trust in Jackson that he would make this server better, but that was not the case. The server was abandoned and is not being cared for. There are no plans from Jackson or staff to revive the TCS as we know it. After N00Banism quit, things fell apart, and ownership of the server quickly diminished. 

If I had the money, time, and commitment to do so, I would revive TCS because I miss it just as much as you guys. Even if I don't play Minecraft anymore, it's depressing to see a server I've worked on for so long, and had such a friendly, helpful community die away. For those of you upset about it, all I can say is just move on from it. Accept the fact that TCS will not come back from the dead. Cherish the happy moments you've had with friends, buddies on TCS while it was still up.

Making a server successful is something that not a lot of people know how to do. N00Banism, even if he wasn't the first owner of TCS really made things happen, and I wish he was still around so we could thank him for that. For those of you who are thinking of making TCS again, I'm going to give you the sucky truth about making a new server, because it isn't easy. If you can complete all 22 steps that I've provided and more, then you can make your server however grand, and amazing you want.

1. Pay about $250+ a year for a decent online server host
2. Have about 5 staff members that are not only going to build on the server, and make it grow in game, but progress the server, be able to manage all plugins, and website abilities, and be the best builders on the server, as well as the most mature, and helpful.
3. Be able to combine certain plugins on the server and formulate them to help fit your server
4. Have an attractive website, that provides sufficient information about the server, and serves as a place where questions can be answered on forums.
5. Pay for that website, and have every staff member and every member of the server be a part of the website, and be active on it.
6. Set up votifier, as well as a donation system (ONLY when the server becomes sufficiently popular (100+ members)
7. Set up a rules page, and have rules as an in-game accessible command.
8. Create an architecturally detailed, informational, and helpful spawn as the first impressions for new players.
9. Create 3+ complete towns of different styles before the server is released, to give players a place to find what style suits them best
10. Create a spawn town: should include a downtown area with skyscrapers, suburban area, with roads, highways, and a rural area near the outskirts. The spawn town should have approximately 6 different districts of different styles, areas, names.
11. Make an application process for the server, either on the website or in game on a plotme world, (also another plugin that needs mastering)
12. Have a leadership system on your server, aside from ranks
13. Create a ranking system, suggested GroupManager, that takes into account building skill, as well asleadership qualities, and player time on the server.
14. Host building competitions that have consistent staff judges, while at the same time having an architecturally detailed building arena near spawn, and having a successful staff run system of building competitions
15. Have town rules, restrictions for players, create a system that allows for the creation of towns.
16. Set up an overall chat feel: relaxed, talkative, quiet, or up tight proper grammar.
17. Have staff obide by all laws all the time. NO exceptions
18. Attain youtube support, have a semi-popular youtuber(s) play on your server. Provide them with an experience that they cannot get on any other server.
19. Set up a server youtube channel that displays professional previews, inspiration for the players of the server.
20. Have the owner of the server set up a youtube channel. Has to become semi-popular, be able to interact with other youtubers.
21. Have other staff members become semi-popular on youtube.

And the most important step of all...

22. Your server must have an overall theme, or goal, that is different than any other minecraft server in the world. You have to bring something new to the creative server community that attracts players.

Now how are your feelings about making a new server?

Hell Jackson, if you're reading this then I hope you've realized what you've done to this community. Me and N00B put our trust in you, and we hoped that you would help make this server a better place. I'm ashamed of you.

Citrus__ / fuzzywuzzy711

Oliver29119 Advanced I honestly don't think it was Jackson's fault. I mean sure he did let the server down, but in the first place I'm pretty ...
wjcd1996 Crafter+ Jackson felt more like a JrMod/Moderator to me. He put in towns and did quite a lot on the server, but once he got the p ...
Krazy24 Crafter The responsiblity that was given to Jackson was huge. I thought he could handle it with the kind community and his hard ...

The Final Post

User posted Sep 12, 14
"It's so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.” 
― John SteinbeckThe Winter of Our Discontent

Citrus__ AdminCrafter deep
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