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On April 26th we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary and the release of TCS5.  Make sure you free up that day for our celebration.

Events Planned:
- Team Build-Off
- Firework Show
- Opening of the Large Biome World
- Release of TCS5

3 Free Tourist+
2 Free Craftsman+
1 Free AdvCraftsman+
1 Free Artisan+

Time of Event:
- April 26th, 2014
- Starting at 10 a.m. PST
- Ending at 12 a.m. PST

- Large Biome World

New Player Report System

N00Banism Owner posted Mar 6, 14

Player reports are now done through our brand new report system.  This new report system is run through  Googl and is located on our websites new page.  This page is located  Here  and this new system allows staff members to view anonymous reports.  Enjoy.

jackson87 Journeyman Of course you would say that, Zebby. -jackson87
ZebraApple Artisan Dat. Google. Coloring. Doe.

Time Played

N00Banism Owner posted Feb 7, 14

Playing time is now recorded live on a new plugin. This will track your total playtime since February 7th, 2014.  Craft On!

/playtime - Check your personal playtime.
/playtime {name} - Check a selected players playtime.
/playtimetop 10 - Check the top 10 playtime list.
spts000 Advanced really cool n00b thanks for adding it
danjam7 Advanced Love the plugin ...

The Gift of Giving

N00Banism Owner posted Dec 7, 13

Well we have almost become fully resettled in here at TCS and we would like to thank those who have stayed with us through our times of bad luck.  Today we would like to reach out to the community and say Thank You.  We need help, it is the time of year for gifts and giving and I would like to ask if everyone could give a little bit of Holiday cash towards the server it would help us towards upgrades, improvements, and purchases all to reflect your gameplay and experience.  We do appreciate all who can give and thank you and wish you happy holidays!

wjcd1996 Craftsman+ I'll get my salary for the last month today, I'll donate 10% of it to TCS. It's most probably around 20 to 27 dollars.
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